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3 Benefits of Milk Thistle Tea

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The Trending Health Hack Barbie's Margot Robbie Swears By

Milk Thistle Tea...

Is fairly amazing for a variety of reasons, including because Barbie star Margot Robbie swears by it!

So we are spilling the tea on this amazing tea. Here are all the reasons Milk Thistle Tea will change your life, including why it gets the Hollywood star-stamped seal of approval!

1. Heart Health

Neon sign saying "heart made" to show how Milk thistle tea heart health benefits

While the Barbie movie may have won fans' hearts, this tea will win yours--literally! Milk Thistle Tea helps lower cholesterol, something that is often associated with heart disease. The tea also contains calming effects that naturally help to lower stress hormones and blood pressure levels, keeping the sipper(and their heart) nice and calm.

It's no wonder this tea shows up on so many 'Heart Healthy' lists, its benefits are numerous!

2. Weight Loss

Person's feet on scale showing how Milk Thistle Tea helps with weight loss

Milk Thistle Tea not only helps with cholesterol levels, but it also helps with weight loss as well! This savory sipper has zero calories so it is a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks and other calorie-costing beverages. It has no added sugars either so it doesn't sneak in unwanted chemicals or calories that way either.

It also can curb appetite. So paired with a healthy diet and exercise regimen it can help alleviate or cut out in between meal snacking leading to noticeable results!

3. Glowy, Glowy Skin

woman rubbing skin and posing showing how Milk Thistle Tea helps skin glow

Here's the hack that helped put Milk Thistle Tea on the map--its skin benefits.

Hollywood's Margot Robbie says this is the secret behind her smooth, silky, and oh-so-glow-full skin in the Barbie movie. She reveals it is what helped make her skin so picture-perfect and subtly flawless.

Milk Thistle Tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm rosacea, acne, and other skin irritations. Plus the antioxidants give skin that fresh from a facial glow. We don't know about you but that is reason enough for us!

Where Can I Buy Milk Thistle Tea?

Milk Thistle Tea is surprisingly easy to find, it's usually no further than your local grocery store or market. It is also readily available at almost any health food store and of course on Amazon.

It's always good to go organic and double-check with your doctor on how it might interact with any medications or other supplements you are taking. Safety first friends!

neon sign saying "love" because we love Milk thistle Tea

Milk Thistle Tea...

is now a Barbie fan favorite and it could be just the tea to help you become so fresh-faced people will think you too are made of plastic! Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic but you get the idea.

Sip on this tea to get that Hollywood glow plus lots of other health benefits at a cost that is definitely not tinsel-town priced!


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