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3 Ways To Create A Ritual Bath

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Simple Ways To Make Your Bathtime Moon-LIT

Splish Splash you were taking a bath all upon a moonlit night! Ever wondered how to make your end-of-day routine even more ritualistically awesome? Here are three simple ways to ensure your twilight tub time is extra moon-LIT.

Sage and Smoke

Who doesn't love a good sage bath? A little smudge fest at the end of the day can ensure all the energetic hanger's on from friends, family, coworkers, etc. don't follow you home. It can also create ambiance, clear physical impurities from the air, and help ease you into a state of deeper relaxation. Win. Win. Win.

Plus, the smoke can create a hazy, ritual vibe, giving your bath that extra forest witch feel. You can also use Palo Santo, candles, or other fiery friends in order to help symbolically burn off excess energy, frustrations, and stressors from your day. Palo Santo is especially adept at clearing out energy that no longer serves or maybe didn't serve so much to begin with.

(Be sure all products are ethically sourced)

If you also happen to be utilizing your bath as a moon ritual, you can use the flame for intention-setting. Fire is the symbol of passion, desire, and motivation, so energetically using the fire to help you set intention, is a great way to take your bath to the next level.

You can envision the outer flame as violet, allowing it to burn off any impurities or blocks around your desire, and allowing the inner flame to represent light and direction for your path. The fire will hold your dreams sacred and help you release and burn away anything that keeps you from reaching them.

Herbal Remedies

Fruit, flowers, and tea leaves...oh my! Nothing helps us take in and utilize all that wonderful moonlight energy quite like surrounding ourselves with the gifts of the Earth. Flower petals, fruits, herbs, and a cup of tea can all add a lush, earthy effect to your night or moon time ritual. You can also utilize things like cucumber slices for your eyes, a mud bath mask for your body or face, and body washes or bubble baths made from natural plant ingredients.

All of these are great ways to connect to the grounding, centering aspect of the Earth and the process of manifestation. Think about it, all dreams begin as the seed of an idea or a feeling, and then we find ways to bring it to fruition in the physical. We make the phone call, reach out to the person, sign up for the course, whatever it may be. It is how we take the seed of our intentions and help them grow into our full manifestation.

So as you are utilizing these earthly byproducts, be thinking about some ways you can take those big dreams and intentions floating around with the moon and cosmos and make them your new Earthly reality.

Crystals and More

Crystals, Epsom salts, and crystal-infused water bottles or bath balms are great methods to give your bathtime that additional energetic oomph. Crystals are excellent for energetic shifts and intention setting. Many of them represent different desires, such as Rose Quartz for Love, Amethyst for Protection and Clearing, and Green Aventurine for Abundance. By working with the crystal that represents what you want to call in, it not only gives your bath a boost, it gives your dreams one too!

There are lots of crystals to choose from and you can bring them into your bathtime ritual as bath products, or jewelry, or by placing them right on the side of the tub. You can visualize the crystal giving your dreams the connection and energy it needs to become your new reality.

You could also envision the crystal as a representation of what you desire, then every time you look at it, you will be reminded of and connected to your intention.

Or you can simply enjoy having an additional ritual component added to your nightly routine.

Plus things like Epsom salt are great for relaxing muscles, releasing tension, and clearing toxins. Your bathtime routine can take on a whole new meaning with the addition of one (or a few) crystal friends.

To Sum It Up....

Creating a moonlit bathtime ritual doesn't have to be a whole production--unless you want it to be! With these three simple additions, you can be in full moon ritual mode without ever setting foot outside of your bathtub.

But who says we need a full moon to have fun? Use these rituals any old night of the week and watch your boring bathtime transform into a spellbinding experience.


It's all about intention, so any or all of these will hold special meaning if you intend them to.

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