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Cuffing Season: Your Most Compatible Partner Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Feb 16

Your Guide To Finding Your Perfect Cuffing Season Companion

woman leading patner by hand in the fall

Cuffing Season is upon us! 🍁🍂

This time of year can feel especially hectic in the relationship realm. It is almost like a game of musical chairs with people fast exiting out of relationships or diving headfirst into new ones. There's clamoring, there's chaos, yet there's coziness?

Yes, there is just something about the leaves falling and the promise of pumpkin candles and cozy blankets that cause us all to just want to couple up!

It's totally natural. Biological and astrological too!

What Is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing Season is that special time of year when people want to get "cuffed." Basically, they want to couple up before the long, lonely winter months descend. There are a lot of reasons for its occurrence from biological to astrological to simply not wanting to face family holiday functions solo.

Biologically when we cave up in the wintertime, we tend to want someone with us, it's a whole caveman/woman survival thing. It's also astrological as we descend into Libra season, the season of partnership. Besides, who wants to face another round of third-degree questioning about our love life at a family function-- alone?

These are all excellent reasons for wanting to snuggle up with someone special for the next few months.

The problem lies when the partnerships are rushed, unstable, or completely unaligned. It's then that chaos generally ensues in the form of dark, cold winter months fraught with fights or hasty breakups come springtime. Hurt feelings, wasted time, and other side effects are generally the relationship hangover symptoms of a rushed Cuffing Season Coupling. So how to avoid that?

So glad you asked...

Your Ideal Cuffing Season Companion by Zodiac Sign

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One way to avoid cuffing season chaos is to pick aligned partnerships, you know, ones that you actually want to be in for more than just a season or a reason. Picking someone just because you think your parents will like them, simply to avoid loneliness, or just to make Instagram cute Christmas cards, is the type of thing that leads to problems down the road. Coupling up with someone and then discovering you don't actually like spending time with them, can cause a mid-season mess. So one simple way to avoid all the unnecessary drama and chaos is to find someone you actually vibe with!

So to help, I have created a cheatsheet of each Zodiac sign; what they like, who they are in relationships, and the partnerships that might fit them perfectly during this coziest of seasons. So here are the coziest signs based on their zodiac compatibility.

So skip the drama of introducing someone to your mama, and scroll down to find your sign and perfect partner!

Zodiac Compabitlity by Signs


Aries is a fire sign known for being the first sign of the Zodiac, and that is where they are most comfortable, out in front. They are born leaders and entrepreneurs and love doing things their way. True visionaries, they often require the freedom to move towards visions and dreams others don't quite see yet.

That's not to say they wouldn't love some cozy, quiet time with their special someone but keeping a sense of mystery and adventure in the relationship is how to keep an Aries interest. Planning lots of festive fun-filled fall dates is a great way to create a sense of adventure and exploration in the relationship which just happens to be a few of Aries's favorite things.


Likes: Being in charge, calling the shots(espresso and otherwise), fall festivities and freedom

Dislikes: Being told what to do, stage 5 clingers, being bored

Most Compatible

In true Aries fashion, most Aries do well with...themselves! Aries does well with other Aries and other fast-paced signs like Gemini. It also does well with other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. It can really struggle with slower-moving signs like Cancer or Taurus and doesn't tend to do well with water signs in general.


Taurus are the ultimate lovers of luxury which means cozy blankets, scented candles, and comfy cuddles suit them just fine! Now all they need to complete their perfect home setup is a companion to go with it!

That being said Taurus can be the ultimate Cuffing Season offenders because they can tend towards what feels comfortable or secure vs. what is actually good for them in the long term.

Meaning they can get a little too cozy and not want to rock the boat, even if they know their partner might not be their special someone. So it's going to be important for Taurus to really know what they are looking for, maybe even make a list, and stick to it! They also tend to find their soulmate--when they make the first move! Stepping out of their comfort zone is magic for their manifestation.


Likes: Fuzzy blankets, scented candles, comfortable environments and conversation

Dislikes: Stepping out of their comfort zone, scratchy sweaters, no time for naps

Most Compatible

Taurus is an Earth sign and like many signs, does well with its own kind, so other Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn are generally a good fit. They also do well with some water signs like Cancer, as their grounded demeanor can provide a good container for watery emotions. Sometimes even stinger-bearing Scorpio can be a good match made in opposites heaven if compromise can learn to be reached.


Gemini is the sign of the twins, and for good reason. They like to see things from all sides, all angles, and all viewpoints. Unfortunately, that can lead to quick shifts in viewpoints, affection, or interest. Meaning they can change their mind on a dime, which is often what gives them a bad rep in the dating world.

Yet when Gemini achieves balance in viewpoints their true inner wisdom can shine! They are naturally very intuitive and quick-moving with a love of knowledge and interesting pastimes and adventures. They are quite charming and overall a lot of fun!

However, when it comes to Cuffing Season, they can also be prime culprits if they are not careful. When choosing a partnership they can be a little more seasonal than long term, someone they find interesting now, come spring they may be completely bored with. The medicine is to take a little longer than usual to see a person from all sides before cuffing up for the fall festivities.


Likes: Learning, Adventures, Interesting People and Places

Dislikes: Being bored, smotherers, ultimatums

Most Compatible

Gemini is a feisty one. A fast-moving air sign, adventure, interest, and intrigue are the keys to winning the Gemini love game. They pair well with other air signs such as Libra and Aquarius, although they can also be well suited to Aries due to their adventurous nature and fast-paced lifestyle.


Cancer, the sign of the crab is a fall favorite! They love nothing more than to cozy up in their favorite place--home, with their favorite someone,--their family! Cancers are some of the most loyal companions you will come across and they love creating a nurturing, comfortable environment for everyone. Yet the same way they can hold on to people, they can sometimes hold onto emotions. Cancer's can stay stuck repeating situations and emotions that have long since passed, which unfortunately can keep them from moving on in the present.

Working to let go of past rejections and transgressions can keep them from wearing the jilted lover jacket for the entire fall season.


Likes: People/places and things that feel like home

Dislikes: Change, chaos, rejection


Cancer is a more slow-moving sign and can be a little skittish. Like the crab that symbolizes them, they tend to sidestep conflict as much as possible. That makes them poor partners for Aries and many other confrontational or fast-moving fire or air signs. They tend to do well with other water signs and enjoy the companionship and grounding aspects of the earth signs, especially Taurus.


Leo's are the lovers of the Zodiac. They are passionate, loyal, and well--pretty! They love to preen, be seen, and stand out from the crowd. They are born leaders and like to take charge whenever possible. They enjoy big grand gestures and displays of affection. Anything that puts them or their relationship in the spotlight, they are here for.

Sometimes however Leo's can tend towards getting validation from the outside as opposed to within, meaning they can base relationships and partnerships based on how they look to others as opposed to how it feels to themselves. With so many photo-filled opportunities during the holiday season, this is something they will want to monitor very closely for themselves. otherwise, they could be looking at a shoe box of picture-perfect photos and memories, and no one to share them with!


Likes: Photo Opps, Passionate Romances, Being Front and Center

Dislikes: Not being seen or heard(no one puts Leo in a corner!) being prioritized last


Leo's love Aries. They are a match made in soulmate heaven. Both born leaders they tend to take charge in a very compatible way. Can you say power couple? Other than that Leo's can do well with other fire signs and can be great partners for freedom-loving air signs.

While some traditions say fire and water simply don't mix, I have actually seen some interesting Leo/Cancer pairings. Cancer's loving and nurturing nature can help create a safe space for Leo to thrive and really shine. They both love passion, romance, and loyalty so being showered by Leo's affection can help bring a Cancer to life. Codependency or damsel in distress syndrome can be side effect of the pairing but if monitored can be overcome.


Pristine and ready to organize the scene! Immaculate-loving Virgo is an Earth sign that likes things to be just so. That can translate to their home, their business, and even their love lives! They thrive in committed relationships with solid boundaries and love to run around behind the scenes making their home a happy and very clean one. Acts of Service is a Love Language they truly understand as their sign's mantra is "I Serve." A clean, well boundaried, and committed relationship is the key to this sign's heart.

Likes/ Dislikes

Likes: Mr. Clean commercials, home organizing, committed relationships

Dislikes: Disorder, chaos, partners they can't count on


In a match made in To-Do list heaven, Virgo and fellow Earth sign Capricorn are generally considered the soulmate signs. They both love long-term, committed relationships, acts of service, and cleanliness. They share a grounded, practical approach to life and enjoy using their unique skills to create a safe, special connection.

Virgo's are also lovers of language so they can do well with other highly verbal signs as well as other earth signs in general such as Taurus. Their grounded approach to life can also make a safe container for high-emotion water signs, such as Cancer and Scorpio, although sometimes the chaotic or more intense emotional realms can cause them to feel burnt out and exhausted by their partners.


Libra, the great lovers of balance, liberty, and life. Libra is the sign of the scales for a reason, they love nothing more than to achieve balance in their lives and loves. As an air sign, they crave freedom and movement but are excellent partners as they are the literal sign of partnership. They do well in partnerships and are able to achieve excellent balance in their love lives with a little practice.

They can tend to work hard to ensure other people feel happy and have their needs met, sometimes putting their own on the back burner for the sake of peace or balance. Yet remembering peace at any price is not true peace, and that true balance is achieved by everyone getting their needs met, is crucial to a successful relationship.


Likes: Even scales, perfect partnerships, a balanced love life

Dislikes: Injustice, disloyalty, conflict


Libra's do well with the other signs such as Gemini and Aquarius. In case you're sensing a trend here, you're right. Most signs do well with their elemental counterparts, it is like they are made of the same stuff. If you take a look at how the elements work in nature, it gives you a pretty good indication of how they will interact in intimate partnerships or even friendships. Outside of that Libra's can do well with fire signs for the most part, such as Leo and Sagittarius. The free-spirited, movement-oriented nature of those signs and the drive for justice pair with Libra well.

Aries is their opposite sign and often opposites can attract. If these two can find ways to balance their differing communication and confrontational styles they can be an awesome pairing. They are each other's medicine. When Libra is feeling avoidant they can take a page from the Aries book of confrontation, when Aries is feeling a little aggressive, Libra's peace-loving ways and calm approach can help soothe the overheated Aries.


Scorpio is by far one of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac. Very ride or die and they do mean die. If you cross a Scorpio you are bound to feel the harsh retaliation of their stinger, they are not the sign of the scorpion for nothing. Yet within that intensity lies passion, purpose and an ability to transform that is uncanny. Scorpio is a partner you want on your side, they are capable of very deep connections and conversations and are very good at seeing the deepest, darkest desires of another.

Cuffing season is their perfect time, they love going into a deep, dark cave to transform during the colder months and they enjoy having someone to cave up with. They will take that time to make deep, transformative connections with their partner so finding the right companion for that will be essential for them.


Likes: Snuggling, loyalty, souls

Dislikes: Shallow connections, boring conversations, distance


Scorpio is a water sign that feels their feelings with a high intensity. That makes them a perfect pairing for fellow water signs such as Cancer. Also, grounded earth signs such as Capricorn or Virgo can provide a safe container for Scorpio's feelings while also meeting their need for loyalty and long-term companionship. Capricorn especially can be a good pairing, as they have access to the deeper emotional realms if they choose to access them.

They struggle with air signs whose attention and intentions can blow with the breeze, and whose logic-based mindset doesn't always allow for deeper emotional ties. Fire signs can also be a bit of a challenge for them as their will to power often bumps up against the large and in charge fire sign personality. Their tendency towards possessiveness can also be exaggerated and heightened to jealousy by naturally charismatic signs.


A born wanderer Sagittarius is a lover of adventure, travel, and philosophy. They enjoy taking higher ideas and concepts and spreading them throughout the world. Creative, charismatic, and adventurous, Sagittarius makes an excellent addition to a partnership, if you can keep them in one place that is. Movement is essential for Sagittarius as their passions, pursuits, and interests are often changing and leading them on new adventures. Unfortunately, that means commitment, long-term partnership, and keeping their interest can be challenging.

Cuffing season for a Sagittarius may look more like wandering off to a foreign land to pursue other seasons and concepts. Although as they are lovers of learning depending on their other placements, cozying up indoors with a partner to plan their next adventure or philosophical pursuit might work well. If their physical environment is not in motion, their mental wheels definitely need to be turning.


Likes: Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, philosophy, travel, higher ideals

Dislikes: Feeling stuck, lower vibes, the concept of time


Sagittarius are fiery little friends who do best with other fire signs, including themselves. Their fast-moving ways and love of knowledge also make them compatible with Gemini and generally other air signs.

Although Sag also has a very close tie with Earth and nature when can also sometimes make them good fits for Earth signs. I've actually seen several Sag/Capricorn pairings work successfully although at first glance they don't seem especially compatible. Finding the balance between order, structure and complete spontaneity seems to create an interesting combination where seemingly opposites attract.


Have you checked your to-do list lately? If you're a Capricorn you certainly have. Capricorns have perfected the art of efficiency and aren't afraid to show it. They are fiercely determined and have incredible work ethic and perseverance. They love long-term commitments and can take the same dedication they show to their work life and apply it to their relationships if they choose to do so.

It is important for Capricorns to access their deeper emotions and remember to-do lists are great, but only when they achieve something real and lasting. Being busy for business sake serves no one. They are urged to remember what really matters in life, and that is their relationship with others. So this Cuffing season encourages them to slow down and access those deeper emotions with the people they love. Put it on your to-do list.


Likes: Lists, order, tasks, acts of service

Dislikes: Chaos, disorder, people who fly by the seat of their pants


Capricorn does best, as you may have guessed, with other earth signs. Virgo is considered their soulmate sign as they both possess the long-term commitment-minded and ultra-clean lifestyles that complement each other oh so well. Capricorn can also do well with water signs like Scorpio although they tend to battle royale with their opposite sign of Cancer.

As I mentioned, although they are not usually considered the most compatible for some reason sometimes Sagittarius and Capricorn just work!


Aquarius, the great lover of logic and learning! Aquarius is an air sign that specializes in teaching and spreading wisdom to the masses. They are always thinking up innovative new ways of thinking and being. They like to have a partner who does the same, or at least can keep up with their free-moving ways of thinking.

While they are very adept at understanding humanity as a whole, sometimes individual humans seem to baffle them. The emotional realm can cause them confusion and because of which they can become the kings/queens of avoidance. Rather than deal with a conflict head on they prefer to simply focus their attention elsewhere. While that certainly helps them avoid unnecessary drama, it can also cause partners to feel left out in the cold.

To ensure their fall season is as cozy as they may desire, they need to be very clear about what they need out of a partner and a relationship, including their need to be free and available to explore new ideas and sometimes locations.


Likes: Wisdom, teaching, innovative enterprises

Dislikes: Worn-out ways of doing things, boring people, 9-5 places


Aquarius, these great lovers of logic, get along well with the other lovers of the same, the air signs. They do well with Libra's and Gemini's and of course, others of their own kind. Due to their need for freedom and their seemingly unemotional nature, water signs are a difficult pairing and fire signs can feel too intense for Aquarius levels of commitment and conflict aversion.

Although they can pair with like-minded Sagittarius as both value taking ideas and concepts and spreading them to the masses. They both tend toward philosophical concepts and have a free-spirited, travel-oriented nature.


Pucker up-- it's time for Pisces! Pisces, the sign of the fish, is also the sign of the psychic, the ethereal, and the great beyond. Whether that means what lies in the stars or what lies deep within us in our dreams, our subconscious, or our inner psyche, Pisces explores it all.

Pisces likes to be around others who share their interests and their love for the ethereal. They are highly intuitive and love exploring the emotional realms with a partner. A cozy cuffing season with a perfect pairing could be right up their alley as they dive into the realms of what makes their relationship so deep.

Likes/ Dislikes

Likes: Intuition, the occult, Freud

Dislikes: Accounting, taking life too seriously, the mundane


Pisces is a water sign and as we have seen does well with other water signs, especially Cancer. While Pisces and Scorpio both share a love of the subconscious, Scorpio's intensity and dark twisty nature can be more difficult for light-hearted Pisces. While they can work together they tend to enjoy other signs more.

Pisces also can benefit from an earth sign pairing, a grounded Taurus can help create a calm, earthy container for all the Pisces dreams and magic. Also when paired with an open-minded Virgo, they can assist in helping the Pisces ground all their beautiful drams in the physical and help them bring their desires into reality.

To Sum It Up...

Love Neon Sign

Cuffing Season can be a time of chaos or a time of cozy assurances. The difference being an aligned perspective and partner pairing.

Taking a little extra time to get to know someone, let alone yourself, can make all the difference in the world...or stars.

With this all-inclusive guide now you can begin to direct your love life away from the musical chairs-like scramble of Cuffing Season and toward the comfy, pumpkin-scented candle aroma of love in the fall. 💋🍂

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