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The 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

Date Them If You Dare!

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall--Whose The Most Jealous Of Them All?

While we all might tangle with the green-eyed monster from time to time...there are a few Zodiac signs that really stand out from the rest in terms of their overly watchful eye and rapid response rate.

Interestingly enough, these 3 signs are also often listed as the 3 Most Loyal. It makes sense as their standards of interaction are so high, that they expect that same dedication from others as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone can keep the blood-signed oaths of loyalty or high codes of honor that these signs can, so when someone falls short, strays, or seems to have a wandering eye--watch out.

The jealousy monster of these signs is coming right at ya!

The 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

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Does it feel like somebody's watching you? If you're dating one of these 3 Zodiac signs--then probably. These 3 know how to keep a keen eye on their someone special and if that person steps out of line--watch out! Retaliation just happens to be another one of these sign's strong suits so if you don't think you can keep it in line(or in your pants) then it's probably best to not dip your toes in these zodiac sign's dating pools. So date them if you dare--but don't say I didn't warn you!


Dating a Scorpio can feel like heaven--or hell, depending on what you've done. If you've been a loyal, loving, and devoted partner-- congrats! You get to bask in the warm, passionate glow of a Scorpio's adoration and love. If you've crossed them, however--then I don't know your name and we've never met.

I'm only kidding, they aren't that bad...usually. They are just an extremely loyal and dedicated sign, they don't play well in the shallow end of the dating pool. If they are with you they are all yours, and they expect the same of you. When a partner falls short of that expectation it can cause a big reaction.

Have you heard the saying that the closest to us can hurt us the most? Well, Scorpio lets people in--really in. Into their lives, their hearts, their homes, all of it. If they are with you then they are with you for the long haul and they want you to be as close as possible to each other. Sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams-- heck even being in two separate bodies can feel like too much space to a Scorpio.

Oh, they also tend to have this little reactive quality--this habit of whipping out their Scorpion stinger anytime they've been wronged. So not only will they retaliate--they will really, really sting you. They are so intuitive they know where to hit you where it hurts, and like their Scorpion spirit animal, they don't even care if they sting themselves in the process.

Learning how to handle and channel their big emotions is a big part of their work, but at the end of the day, they are most likely always going to be intense. They are always going to want deep partnerships, strong connections, and close bonds. So if that isn't your bag, then seriously, keep on walking because a Scorpio partnership just isn't for you.


Leo is the sign of the proud lion for a reason. Being the star of the show, they don't like things that don't reflect well on them, cast them in poor lighting, or block out their shine. And playing the role of the jilted lover, or the third wheel in their own relationship, is not a good look for them, it doesn't tend to reflect well. So if you ask them to play that role then just know you have stepped on their tail and are most likely about to face their fangs.

They like to be the center of attention and their partner's world. So they really don't like the people close to them, shining the spotlight on anyone who isn't them. Even for a moment. They like to have a loyal following, so when someone steps out of that model, they don't tend to react well. They are prone to roar at someone with full force, often in a demeaning and down-putting kind of way. Not a cute look.

Healed Leo's however, who are aware of these attributes and have done some work on them, are better equipped to handle these traits. They are more prone to see their partner as an individual being as opposed to an extension of themselves and their entourage.

Once again, if high-intensity, passionate, and often prolonged romances aren't your idea of a good time, then Leo's just aren't for you. Seriously, de-personalize the experience. An introverted home dweller would probably not pick a rambunctious, adventure-loving yellow lab(unless they wanted those qualities to rub off on them.) It's nothing personal, they would just want to pick a companion that was more suited to their own nature, schedule, and individual desires/interests. Same with dating, it doesn't have to be so personal.

So if you want something more casual, low-key, and less glamorous, it's all good, but Leo is not the fit for you. If you want something high octane with lots of passion, pleasure, grand gestures, and the occasional side of jealousy, well then sign here___ because Leo is the zodiac sign for you.


You might be surprised Virgo made the list. But have you ever crossed a Virgo? Like seriously gotten on their bad side? You're dead to them. They will bury you down into the depths of the earth element they belong to.

That especially goes for their partners. Virgo is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac, they also have some of the highest standards, second only maybe to their earth neighbor Capricorn(who was also a strong contender for this coveted spot on the countdown btw.)

Virgos can tend to stray towards control issues, especially on their home front, which can easily extend to their partners. I have seen more Virgo's play phone monitors, GPS trackers, and curfew minute counters than almost any other sign. They can certainly play the role of the controlling partner, liking everything in their environment to be just so. Including you. You are now part of their well-manicured environment. So yes, there's a touch of possessiveness in there too.

They can also be quick to judge and slower to forgive so once you are on that side of their psyche, it's hard to grovel your way back in.

Virgo's are actually fairly compatible with several other signs and tend to do best with Capricorn. Rules and regulations fit them both perfectly and their soulmate status can fit easily on their shared to-do list. Yet strong boundaries and borders are not everyone's favorite thing, especially some of the flightier air signs, or strong-willed fire signs. Water signs do well as they are much more willing to fit the mold of Virgo's boundaries and might actually find them secure and comforting. Virgo stability can feel like a suffocating pile of dirt, or a firm foundation to grow from depending on the sign. Once again there's no shame in the game, it is all about what works best for everyone in the relationship.

To Sum It Up...


Tread carefully if you dare because these envy-eyed zodiac signs will keep you under close watch.

And if you happen to stray off their well-meaning but very straight path, then watch out because you are probably staring down the barrel of some big reactions. An angry scorpion equipped with a swinging stinger, a raging lion with a roar to match, or the force of 1000 pounds of dirt coming right at you.

So date these signs if you dare, you may actually enjoy the ride, but if you cross them or find yourself pursuing other lovers, then don't say I didn't warn you!

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