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The 3x3 Simple Soulmate Manifestation Tool

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The Key To What Your Heart Truly Desires

Heart and Key

Do this, Manifest That, Be This, Do That.

With all the manifestation advice out there, it is no wonder a lot of us are confused!

So with my clients, I simplify aspects of the Soulmate Process.

When first practicing the art of manifestation or when I feel a client is truly ready to start the Soulmate Process, this is where I take them. The key to manifesting what their heart truly desires and just an excellent way to dip your toes in the manifestation pool.

The Soulmate Process is complex, but this Manifestation Process doesn't have to be...

The 3 Attributes

3 Statues

Let's start with something simple. If you were on a date with someone, and you could only ask them 3 Questions--what would they be? Would you want to know if they liked to travel, would you want to know if they loved dogs, would you want to know if they had ever cheated before? These simple questions help you get at the deeper attributes of a person and relationship that you desire. Find the specifics behind the desire, for example, does--

Travel= Adventurous?

Dog Lover=Compassionate?

Non-Cheater= Honest and Loyal?

Then on the flip side, if they could only ask 3 Questions Of You, what would you like them to know? If you could tell them only 3 things about yourself, what would they be? Are they the same or different from the ones you asked them? Now you are getting an idea of what is most important to you in a partner and a relationship.

(Be clear on your "why?" Dig deep. If you don't know, have suspicions the reasons aren't genuine, or are worried they may be reactive (like your ex cheated, so that's why you ask the cheating question) then take a detour to get a little more clarity. For more on that check out my Soulmate List Clarity Check.)

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Of these attributes take the 3 that mean the most to you and begin with those. They can certainly be "Traveler" and "Dog Lover" but also be sure to get at the energetic attribute behind them- Adventurous, Compassionate, etc. Like when you say traveler, what do you mean? Adventurous free spirit or the fact they like to plan and visit places? There's a difference.

Does "Dog Lover" mean loves your dog specifically or loves all dogs, like they work at a rescue or are a member of PETA, etc. Once again, there is a difference, so be sure to GET CLEAR.

Once clear on the attribute or quality itself and begin to connect with that energetic.

The 3 Steps

Pink Umbrellas

Now that you are clear on your top 3 and have begun connecting to that energy it's important for you to also take Aligned Action. Manifestation is two-fold, meaning you could sit around daydreaming about what you want all day and never get it, or you could run around trying to physically make it happen and just make a big ol' mess.

The magic is in the middle. Visualization, connecting to the energy, prayer, meditation, etc., and getting your booty out in the world to follow your intuitive guidance. Aligned Action. Now to be clear, sometimes our aligned action comes in sudden bursts of inspiration, odd pings like "go to this coffee shop now" etc. but more on that in another article.

What we are looking for here is 3 Aligned Actions you can take that feel a little bit out of your comfort zone but also feel like they are towards that goal. Different zodiac signs tend to manifest differently and have different responses to invitations to step outside of their comfort zone.

So for a sign who lives outside their comfort zone on a regular basis, like Aries or Gemini, they might want to spread their actions over various Categories. For something slower-paced or more cautious like Cancer or Capricorn, they might feel more comfortable with one Category with a 3-Action prong.

For example:

Dating App:

1. Join a dating app

2. Create a profile that elaborates on partner preferences or sets filters automatically for them

3. Reach out to one person who aligns with what you're looking for



  1. Join Dating App

  2. Ask out cute guy at office

  3. Tell friends am ready to start dating and am looking for x, y, and z.


Animal Lover:

1. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, take your dog to the local dog park, and/or get involved with a local rescue group

2. Let your friends know you are back on the dating market and looking for an animal lover

3. Create a dating app profile with a filter for animal lover

These are ways of heightening your network, increasing chances of connection, doing some good, and opening a portal the universe can utilize to help your person come through. Now it's not a guarantee, the universe works in mysterious ways, but it's a step. It's an action. It's a message you are sending saying "I'm ready!"


It is also embodying what you are asking for, utilizing the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. If you are an animal lover and surround yourself with a bunch of animal lovers, chances are you will start attracting animal lovers, without even trying! Win.

It's all about what feels most aligned for you. If it feels like a stretch, that's great. If it feels overwhelming and out of alignment, it just might not be your manifestation sweet spot. No harm, no foul. Pull it back and increase your focus in one area.

The 3 Results

Magic Pink owder

Here is the final piece of MAGICK. You want to visualize, embody and feel the results. What are 3 Results or Scenarios from your manifestation?

What does your soulmate...

1. Feel like

2. Smell like

3. Sound or act like?

What are 3 things you do together? If you go on vacation, where do you go? What does your wedding look like(if you want one) what does a normal Wednesday look like, what games do you play on game night? If you buy a house, what does it look like? How does it feel to be inside of it?

Or, and here is where you can really kick off the Soulmate Process, imagine scenarios where they help you fulfill your "mission" goals or reason for being here. Visualize going on speaking tours together, volunteering, making music, writing poetry, leading spiritual retreats, etc. Show the universe this match made in heaven, is in the best interest of all.


Try to visualize like you are actually living the experience as opposed to watching it on a movie screen. Put yourself in it. Feel how it feels, smell how it smells, taste how it tastes. The clearer you are on the visualization, the more you begin to believe it's possible and probable.

In fact, you may get to a point where it feels so real, you forget it's not! For example, I use Zillow to help manifest home and apartment inspiration and expansion, I blow the photos up on the screen so it feels like I'm standing in the home. Once I did it so often with a million-dollar kitchen, I found myself suddenly thinking it was too bland and how I should pick up a vase and flowers for the corner! I literally momentarily forgot I didn't live there! That's the ticket, my friends.

To Sum It Up....

Love Neon sign

3 Attributes + 3 Actions+3 Visualizations= Big MAGICK.

Sometimes we are participating in the Soulmate Process without even knowing it. Sometimes there is an aspect of divine timing in Soulmates.

But if we want to try to speed up the process or timeline, we certainly can. These manifestation tips will help you do just that.

If nothing else these steps will help you gain some much-needed clarity on your perfect partnership so that when it arrives, you'll know it when you see it.

The Most Important Part of the Entire Process--Is YOU!

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