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Zodiac Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The Perfect Gift Giving Guide- Based on Zodiac Sign

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Looking for something special for that special someone? I've got you covered! 💋🎁

Whether your partner is a fiery Leo or a soft-centered Cancer, this gift guide will show you the way to your partner's heart and holiday wish list.

So why not give Santa a break this holiday season, and let this Zodiac Gift Guide tell you everything you need to know? Happy Holidays!

Wondering What To Give Your Special Someone?

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Now we all know that the perfect gift for someone comes from the heart. It's not about the gift itself, it's the thought that counts. And all that jazz. Yet let's be real. There is a bit of a difference between the reception of a pair of scratchy socks and a trip to a Jamaican resort.

It can be tough out there, there's a lot of pressure to give your perfect partner, the perfect gift. But don't worry, this gift-giving guide will help you get to the heart of the matter, and using this as an outline, with a touch of personal flourish... Well, let's just say get ready for even Old Saint Nick to be a little jealous!

So without further ado...

Here's the Perfect Gift Giving Guide based on Zodiac Sign.


March 20-April 20

The holidays just wouldn't be the holidays without someone burning down the Christmas tree, and that someone is probably the Aries in the room. Fiery and fierce this sign knows what it wants and isn't afraid to ask!

So what do you give the person who can get everything on their own? Something with you of course!

👍Likes: Adventures, Challenges, The View from the Top

👎Dislikes: Last place, Waiting, Predictable Outcomes(and gifts!)

🎁Perfect Present: Anything with adventure in the title is going to be right up your Aries' alley. A trip to conquer a volcano in Bali or even a gift card to your local climbing gym, anything that pushes limits and breaks barriers, is going to fill their stocking nicely. (Bonus points if you go along for the ride!)


April 20-May 21

Love and luxury rate high on a Taurus wishlist. Ruled by the planet of Venus, sensual pleasures are the way to a Taurean heart, so this holiday season stock them up with what lights them up!

👍Likes: Cozy Blankets, Naps, Luxurious baths

👎Dislikes: Late nights, Leaving the Comfort Zone, Scratchy Sweaters

🎁Perfect Present: Creating a sense of comfort and luxury for a Taurus can be as simple as loading them up with soft blankets and scented candles. Luxurious bath bombs, lotions, and anything else that tickles the senses will be sure to tickle their fancy.


May 21-June 21

Gemini of all the signs can be the toughest to shop for..why? Because they change their minds! What might make a great gift in December, could lose its appeal in January. So it's important to get Gemini a gift that keeps giving the whole year round.

👍Likes: Hot topics, Fast cars, Freedom

👎Dislikes: Long pauses, Boring conversations, Last year's model

🎁Perfect Present: A monthly subscription box will keep them guessing the whole year through. The best part is, if they grow tired of one box, don't worry, a new one will already be on the way! It's the perfect present for a sign with as short of an attention span and as big a love of the new as our beloved Gemini friends.

(Adding a personal touch to the type of box is a big bonus, whether they have a love of makeup, books, or bath products, there is a box out there for every taste!)


June 21-July 23

Aww loveable, gentle-spirited Cancer. They are the mothers of the Zodiac and love nothing more than to nurture and be nurtured. Home and family are a few of their favorite things so anything that makes them feel among friends is a great place to start.

👍Likes: Family Gatherings, Nights In by the Fire, Home and Hearth

👎Dislikes: Conflict, Being the Odd One out, Feeling Unappreciated

🎁Perfect Present: Why not turn the tables on the eternal nurturer and give them a little nurturing in return? A holiday-themed movie night where candles are lit, snacks are prepared, phones are off and little ones are watched, could be the perfect way to show a Cancer you care.

Any celebration of the ways they look after you all year long, is one way to ensure they know they are loved and appreciated.


July 23-August 23

Hello to all the lovely Leos! These feisty fire signs are the king of the jungle and the screen. They are born performers and love to be in the spotlight and on the stage. Giving them a chance to be pampered and primped and the star of the day just might make them shake their luxurious mane in gratitude!

👍Likes: Bright Lights, Showtime, Leading the Way

👎Dislikes: Seats in the back, Humility, Coming In Last

🎁Perfect Present: Being pampered and appreciated is one way to show a Leo you care. Perhaps a spa/massage/hair treatment day followed by tickets to see a show could warm the Leo's holiday heart.


August 23-September 23

Making lists and checking it twice- now that is big Virgo vibes! It may be hard to pull out a present for this one on Christmas morning because they usually have every nook and cranny of the closets cleaned! But don't worry, with some especially sneaky insight you can have your Virgo just as in love with their gift as you are with them.

👍Likes: Plans, Organization Parties, Boundaries

👎Dislike: Grey Areas, Doing Things Halfway, Chaos

🎁Perfect Present: What if instead of letting your Virgo planner take the reins on planning a trip or date night, you surprise them with one that is already perfectly planned! Yes, Virgo's love planning, but you know the saying that when you are good at something you are punished with more of it?

Same for them, sometimes they take on things because they want to, and other times they feel like they have to. So take it off their plate altogether!

Plan a trip from A as in AirBnb to Z as Zoo adventure. If travel isn't in the budget, a date night out on the town can work just as well. Just make sure they know nothing about it and don't have to lift a finger during it!


September 23-October 23

To all the Libra lovers this holiday season--I've got you! These great balancers of scales, pursuers of peace, and lovers of well--love-- make excellent partners. So make sure you take the time this year to show them that you care.

👍Likes: Creative Pursuits, Justice, Reason

👎Dislikes: Uncomfortable Conversations, Imbalance, Flimsy Arguments

🎁Perfect Present: Libra is the sign of partnership, and they also happen to be a highly creative air sign. Something like a partner painting, cooking or pottery class or any other creative pursuit with their special someone is going to be right up their alley.


October 23-November 22

Scorpio's come with their stingers at the ready, but at their heart, they are nothing but love. And a little revenge. But aren't we all?! Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, loyalty, and depth. They make excellent lovers and long-lasting partners. So why not take this season to show them how much you appreciate their endless love and undying loyalty(even if it sometimes stings!)

👍Likes: Blood Oaths, Ride Or Die, Knocking Headboards

👎Dislikes: Dishonesty, Third Wheels, Surface Level

🎁Perfect Present: Scorpios like to spice things up, (especially in the bedroom ) so giving them something you can use together can be fun for everyone involved. Dirty dice, sexy lingerie, naughty card games, edible gifts, and so on are all ways to take the holidays, and your love life, to the next level. Ohhh yeah.


November 22-December 22

Sagittarius, the great lover of travel and all things higher learning. Our fiery friends the archer, love taking aim at big goals and pursuing them with all the passion and luck in their quiver. This holiday season a course in higher learning in the school of life will surely put a smile on your Sagittarius' face this holiday season.

👍Likes: Spontaneity, Big Adventures, Big Thoughts

👎Dislikes: Time Constraints, Same ol'- same ol', 9-5

🎁Perfect Present: Travel, travel, and oh yeah, travel! Catch a flight and watch your Sag catch feelings this holiday season. (Bonus points if it is to a location of ancient wisdom and learning such as Greece or Rome.)


December 22- January 20

If Santa is making a list, you can be sure Capricorn is the one checking it twice. Capricorn is here for a clean time, not a long time. Meaning order, cleanliness, and structure are a few of their favorite things. Ruled by the stickler Saturn, they are masters of time management and discipline. They are some of the hardest workers in the zodiac and are experts at getting things done.

Getting them to take a break this holiday season might be tough, but it could be just what they need.

👍Likes: Long hours, Checklists, Taking Care of Business

👎Dislikes: Rest, Disorder, Slow Moving People

🎁Perfect Present: Acts of Service usually reigns a Capricorn's house of Love Languages, but as an Earth sign Gifts can also rank high on their scales. Bringing in a professional chef for a romantic dinner date laced with a personalized piece of jewelry can play into these two Languages nicely. (Bonus points for getting the house spic and span and doing the dishes!)


January 20-February 18

Here's to the Aquarius air babes in our lives, the visionaries out there making change and spreading the knowledge. As the keepers of our current age, I say they have been extra good this year. So what would these lovers of logic like to see under their trees? How about something outside of the box...

👍Likes: Innovation, Adventure, History in the Making

👎Dislikes: Heavy emotions, Out of Date Systems, Meeting Your Family

🎁Perfect Present: Aquarius have big ideas, they are visionaries who see new paths for society to take and new ways for them to get there. So seeing how others who have gone before them have done it might be the perfect holiday event for them. A fun-filled trip to a museum, science, or nature center could make their holidays extra merry. (Bonus points if it's in a historical location!)

Pisces :

February 18-March 20

Pisces is the sign of the psychic, the ethereal, our dreams, and all the things we cannot see with our own two eyes. They love anything that lies just beyond the realm of the senses so providing them with tools of their trade, might be the perfect holiday gift.

👍Likes: Third Eye Techniques, Dreams, Big Feelings

👎Dislikes: Cold, Hard Facts, Shallow Connections, Small Talk

🎁Perfect Present: A great gift idea for the special Pisces in your life is to head to our local crystal or metaphysical shop and clean them out of their wares! Crystals, candles, sage, incense, tarot cards, astrology tools, etc. are just a few of a Pisces' favorite things. A dream journal, books on favorite esoteric subjects and more can all make great stocking stuffers for the special Pisces person in your life.

To Sum It All Up...

Neon love sign

You know your special someone better than anyone so only you know if these Zodiac-friendly finds will put a smile on their face come holiday morn.'

Yet they are an excellent starting point in finding that special gift for your special person.

Happy Shopping!

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