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Written In The Stars: 

Create The Love & Life You Desire 

What's In A Chart?

birth chart.png



Career Direction 



Communication Style

Money Blocks

Parenting Style

 Relationship Roadblocks 

Perfect Partner

Past Lives 


Life Path 






Personality Traits 

Keys To Success


Places of Improvement

I specialize in...
Relationships and Life Path

"I have consistently found Bethany to be extremely intuitive and insightful! She has a real gift. I always tell everyone that her advice has helped me multiple times. Because it's 100% true!" 

-Dave, San Antonio, Texas 

"Bethany has conducted several readings with me and as an admitted skeptic, I have always been pleasantly(and almost reluctantly) surprised by how accurate and spot on the readings have been!" 

-Jeff- Austin, Texas 

Written In The Stars...


Card 2: Karmic Relationship

Card 1: Persecution


Card 3: Vows 

The Moral Of The Story...

Written In The Stars 

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A Short-Term Investment That Leads To Life-Long Benefits...

Step One: 

Book Your Free Consult

Step Two:  

Choose Your Path 

Let's go deep. Love Languages, Attachment Style, relationships, communication. 
If there's something going on in your love life, we are going to find it. 

Get a fresh perspective on your life(past and present!) We dive into your karma and learn how to work with it, instead of against it. 


Quick, easy, and effective. A card pull and an intuitive tune-in.
Find out what's really written in the cards for you. 

Oracle Pull 

 Set yourself up for success! Take a look at career, relationships, karma, potential blocks.. the whole enchilada! See how your love and life are Written In The Stars and learn how to make your success last a lifetime...and beyond! 

Set Up For Success 

Step Three: 


                       Take a breath.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

You are safe. you are supported. You are not             alone in your healing journey. 

Written In The Stars is holistic, effective, and fun!

                 Remember that concept?

 Joy is an integral part of love & life, so let's dig deep to find yours again.


                    So what do you say?


Join me to take a step out of your comfort zone, and in to your best life. 


Deep Dive 


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Is This Therapy?


Traditional therapy has its place, but this is not it. 

Will this guarantee a relationship or financial success?

The Universe is on its own schedule I'm afraid. There is certainly an element of timing to finding a partnership or working out blocks.

What I can guarantee, however, is that you will leave these sessions with a deeper understanding of yourself, and what you want out of a partner, relationship or your life. 

 So when that magic moment arrives. You will be ready! 

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What If I Don't Know My BirthTime?

If you can find it, that's for the best as it creates the most accurate chart.


If not, it's not a deal breaker.  I can pendulum test for the best time to use or we can set it at 12:00

What If I'm Not Spiritual?

That's Ok. It's not a pre-requisite.


I tailor every session to the specific needs and comfort of the individual and couples. And I use a wide variety of healing modalities.


I do however ask you to be open and

A: Allow me to do my thing and

B: Allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.


Sometimes to see big results we have to make big changes!

More Questions?

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