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Written In The Stars: 

Relationship Sessions 

Create The Love Life You Desire 

Are You Ready To...

Develop Fulfilling, Long-Lasting  Connections?

Take Your Relationships From Surviving To Thriving?

Release Your Relationship Past To Bring In Your Aligned Relationship Future?



I utilize traditional and non traditional healing modalities to help you reach the deeper layers; the subconscious, astrological, energetic, and even karmic layers to get to the root of what's really going on in your relationships, so you can access long-lasting benefits, and finally create the exact love life you desire. 







Then Written In The Stars Is For You! 

Join Me To...

Improve Communication 

Build Trust 

Get The Dating Life You Want 

Reconnect With Your Partner 

Set Your Relationship Up For Success

Prepare For Your Partner 

Get Past Relationship Roadblocks 

Let Go Of The Past 

Heal Your Love Life 

"I have consistently found Bethany to be extremely intuitive and insightful! She has a real gift. I always tell everyone that her advice has helped me multiple times. Because it's 100% true!" 

-Dave, San Antonio, Texas 

"Bethany has conducted several readings with me and as an admitted skeptic, I have always been pleasantly(and almost reluctantly) surprised by how accurate and spot on the readings have been!" 

-Jeff- Austin, Texas 

Written In The Stars...


Card 2: Divine Feminine 

Card 1: Expression 


Card 3: Freedom 

The Moral Of The Story...

                     Big results often require you to take big steps out                                                                  of your comfort zone.


            So take the first step and give Written In The Stars, a try! 

                                     The Love Life You Desire Is Waiting! 



Written In The Stars 


A Short Term Investment That Leads To Life-Long Benefits...

Step One: 

Book Your Free Consult

Book Your FREE 30 Minute Consult To See If Written In The Stars Is Right For You! 

Step Two:  

Choose Your Path To Success


Single and ready to mingle? 

New to the dating scene? 

This is the package for you. I work with you to release your relationship past to bring in your relationship future. 

I provide you with tools, tricks of the trade, and deep insight so you can not only bring the fun back to dating, you can create the love life you desire. 

Relationship stuck in a rut? 

Having the same disagreements over and over? 

Feeling disconnected from your partner?

This is the package for you. I work with you and your partner to release your relationship and resentments of the past to bring in your relationship's future. 

I provide you with tools, tricks of the trade, and deep insight so you and your partner can not only reconnect, you can bring your love life to a whole new level. 

Set Up For Success 

Recently Engaged? 

Just Married? 

Freshly Committed?

This is the package for you. They say the first year of marriage is always the hardest, but it doesn't have to be! I work with you and your partner to build communication, trust, and deeper levels of connection and intimacy that are sure to last until Death Do You Part! 

I provide you with tools, tricks of the trade, and deep insight so you and your partner can bring your love life to a whole new level. 

Set Up For Success
Monthly Membership

Looking For Longer Term? 

Want A Little Extra Support? 

Want To Stay In the Know?

This is the Membership for you. Relationship and dating problems aren't always solved in a day(or a package) and the best time to seek help for a problem, is before it even starts!  

The Monthly Membership provides a monthly safe space for you and your love life. Things going great? Awesome. Things getting a little bumpy? That's fine too! I provide you with monthly insight, homework assignments, tips, tricks, and tools so you can bring your love life to a whole new level. 

                                                     (Six Month Commitment Required.) 

Step Three: 

Let's Get This Party Started

Take a breath. You are in good hands and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

I know it can feel like it, but you're not alone in your relationship healing journey. 

Written In The Stars is holistic, effective...and fun! Remember that concept?  Joy is an integral part of a love life, so let's dig deep to find yours again.


So what do you say? Should we get this party started and start creating the love life you desire? 





Is This Therapy?


Traditional therapy has its place, but this is not it. 

Will this guarantee a relationship?

The Universe is on its own schedule I'm afraid. There is certainly an element of timing to finding a partnership.

What I can guarantee, however, is that you will leave these sessions with a deeper understanding of yourself, and what you want out of a partner, and relationship. 

 So when that magic moment arrives. You will be ready! 

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Will This Save My Marriage?

If you're seconds from divorce, this might not be the path for you.


If you're experiencing ruts, rocky roads, and miscommunications, this can help.  

What If I'm Not Spiritual?

That's Ok. It's not a pre-requisite.


I tailor every session to the specific needs and comfort of the individual and couples. And I use a wide variety of healing modalities.


I do however ask you to be open and

A: Allow me to do my thing and

B: Allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.


Sometimes to see big results we have to make big changes!

More Questions?