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Written In The Stars 



The Universe is always speaking to us...if we care to listen...

The Cards present themes, aspects of our relationships that might need some care and attention.

I pull the cards, I explore the themes, and you walk away with some wisdom straight from the stars. 

Win. Win. Win. 

Written In The Stars...

Card 1: Wellness

Card 2: Expansion

Card 3: Whispers 

What It Means

Card 1: Wellness

Wellness.  Welcome to Virgo season, my friends. It's no surprise this card presented this week. 

Virgo is all about our health. It is also the sign of routine. For most of us, our wellness routines have taken a dive. Now is a great time to re-center and focus on our own wellness. Not just our health, but our overall wellness;  meaning our workout routines, our meditation practice, our self-care, our diet.


Now is a great time for a cleanse, cut out everything that no longer serves you. 


Let's use that big Virgo energy to get our routines, wellness, and lives back in order! 

Expansion. We have Jupiter, the planet of expansion helping us break out of our shells, and shed our old skin. 

We are finding that we have outgrown where we have been, but maybe aren't quite sure where we will go. Now is the time to get clear on what you really want. What do you want to expand into? How do you want your new life to look on the other side?

Get comfortable in the discomfort. Take it as a good sign. You've grown, and soon you will shed this old skin and expand into a situation that is a better fit for you. 

Card 2: Expansion

Whispers. All of our guidance isn't a flashing neon light. Some of our guidance comes in quietly. Soft whispers, small coincidences, little whispers. So the quieter we can get, the more we can hear. 

Now is a great time to use those Virgo vibes to create a mediation routine, or set aside a time to connect. Create a journaling routine or a time when you can get quiet and read or write. 

The quiet moments in our lives are when we can often hear the most. So take the time this week to find some quiet time for yourself and start setting up a routine to make it a habit. Now is your time! 

Card 3: Whispers 

The Moral Of The Story...


Want to dive a little deeper? Whether it's lost loves, internal blocks, mother wounds or your own limiting beliefs, join me for a relationship card spread while we dive deep to find what's written in the stars about your love life and beyond...