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Cancellation Policy

Reschedule Option Only. Two cancellations within 24 hours of start time will result in a forfeit of the full price paid. No additional refund options are available. 

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Astrological Consult

Does your business/magazine/article need an astrological once-over? 

Book Now. 



Is Your Podcast/ Magazine/or Seminar  Looking For Its Next Guest? 

Book Now. 

Transform Your Relationships--
Evolve Your Life 

Yes. It Can Be That Simple. 

Once You Gain Clarity You Can Begin The Process Of Transformation. Transformation Leads To Evolution. The Evolution of Your Life and All The Relationships and Experiences In It. 

Allow Me To Help You Gain Access To What You Need To Know, Through Ancient Tools, Wisdom, and Divination. 

Work The System--> Watch The Magic. 

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"Bethany has conducted several readings with me and as an admitted skeptic, I have always been pleasantly(and almost reluctantly) surprised by how accurate and spot-on the readings have been!" 


-Jeff, Austin-TX



'Do I Need To Be Spiritual?'

You Do Not Necessarily Need To Be "Spiritual" But I Do Ask That You Be Open.


Sometimes To Create Big Changes You Have To  Try Things Outside Of Your Comfort Zone.


While The Tools I Use Are Not Mainstream, They Are Effective. If You Let Them, They Will Work Their Magic For You. 


'Is This Therapy?'


Written In The Stars is a Healing Modality Outside Of The Realm Of Conventional Therapies Or Practices. 

It is Based On Intuitive Practices, Divination Tools, and Astrological information. 


'Will This Fix My Relationship?'

While Written In The Stars Can Certainly Improve A Relationship, It Is Not Designed To "Save" It. 

If You and Your Partner Are Engaged In Abusive Behaviors, Toxic Engagement, Or  If You Are Inches From A Divorce, This Is Not The Pathway For You At This Time. 


 Traditional Therapy Would Be Advised. 


'Will This Bring Me My Soulmate?'

While Written In The Stars Can Help You Heal, Attain Alignment, Be Better Prepared, and Even Potentially Speed Up The Process, Some Things, As They Say, Are Just...Written In The Stars.

Divine Partnership Comes In When It Comes In. 

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