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It All Started...


 With a date..a bad date..a really really bad date. One really bad date, one amazing group of friends, a glimmer of a dream, shake and stir and VOILA..

    Apologies I Never Got was born.


Apologies I Never Got is my breakout book of dating and relationship horror stories spun into happy endings by teaching readers how to write their own apologies for the ones they never got. 


Apologies I Never Got  was the book and the concept that started me down my writing path. With a degree in Philosophy, I have always done a lot of writing, but I had never dreamed it would be my career.

While full of humor, my work also delves into deeper issues such as self-healing, acceptance and forgiveness

While healing trends may come and go,  Forgiveness is always in fashion.

Which is good news because so often in life we don't get the apology we deserve, but we can't let that hold us back from living the life we deserve. But thankfully that worn-out old apology we've been waiting around for, turns out we never needed to begin with...

We can write it ourselves

So please enjoy and if you have a great Apology, a great collaboration, or even just a great bad date story, feel free to cruise on over to my Contact page and let me know! Can't wait to hear all about it! 

In Love, 

Bethany Nicole 

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