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Let's Get To Know Each Other A Little! 


About Me...

Ohh Where to Begin...

Well, first and foremost I consider myself a Philosopher at heart. The big questions of "Who Are We", "Why Are We Here" and "What Is Our Purpose?" have always run like a background track in my mind and life. 

Those burning questions led me to my degree in Philosophy. From there it was a small jump to all the ancient wisdom that gave answers to these questions and the methods that gave insight into how we can use them in our lives. 

Creation, Soul Evolution and How We Relate To Each Other (and the Universe) Are The Answers That Seemed To Pop Up Over and Over. 

I access that information through Philosophy, Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot, Writing, and Ancient Wisdom-- all circling the portal of Relationships. Relationships to ourself, the divine, money, each other,  etc. 


Want To See What Answers The Universe Has For You?                                   Let's Do It! 

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Working With the Best 


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