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3 Revelations of A Pisces Full Moon

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About This Dreamy Lunar Event

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It's time to get Wet n' Wild with this watery Pisces Full Moon!

With the full moon in Pisces, we are being called to dive deep into the realms of our dreams and subconscious and see what lies beneath.

It is a moon of revealed secrets which could be heartfelt desires, wounds, memories or even unclaimed gifts ready to step into the spotlight. Who knows, it could be a wild ride, but here are 3 Revelations it could bring us!

1. Heartfelt Desires

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This full moon is especially secretive as Pisces is the keeper of our subconscious. It carefully holds and slowly reveals our dreams, both literal and figurative. This particular full moon is all about secrets revealed, whether those are things we are keeping from ourselves or others. So it's possible that we may stumble across some hidden dreams or heartfelt desires during this time.

Our dream state is our subconscious playground, a time when our minds are free to roam unfettered. So paying attention to our dreams during this time can help us navigate towards the north star of our heartfelt desires.

What are themes that come up in your dreams often, either day or nighttime ones? Do you envision yourself as a singer, or a painter, in a romantic partnership?

You can also look into the realms of the inner child. What were some things you did as a child that you truly loved? What were you most drawn to and enamored of? If you could do those things today, what would that look like?

2. Hidden Motives

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We think we know why we do things, but so often we actually have no idea where our drives and desires truly come from. Often our dedication to our work output could be tied to a wounded inner child. Or our angry outbursts could be linked to a deeply felt mother wound, a past lifetime's injustice, or a feeling of just not being heard or seen, even by yourself. These hidden motives are a call for us to dive deeper into our minds and lives to see what is truly driving us.

In Internal Family Systems they are called exiles, in spirituality it's Shadow or Inner Child, whatever you call it, there are parts unknown to us that can actually be taking the wheel of our lives. That is why this moon is so important, as our subconscious motives drive our actions and our actions shape our lives.

If we are pursuing something for the wrong reason, then we want to know that now so we can correct our course.

So take some time during this moon to reflect, really reflect. This type of moon awakened me last year to my almost neurotic need to stay in a city that clearly wasn't a good fit. My desire to stay was all about creating a sense of external validation, something I needed to work on internally. Once I did that, the blinders fell off and I was able to let go of a heartfelt need and a city that was never going to be able to fill it.

3. Unclaimed Gifts

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Pisces is the sign of the psychic, of seeing the unseen. As we work through the wounded healer energetic in Aries, with a North Node also in Aries asking us to claim our authenticity the melting pot of these energetics could give rise to some unclaimed gifts.

We are all intuitive beings, some of us experience visions, see spirit, know outcomes, and understand other's motives. There are kinds of healers in our world, and our world so desperately needs healers right now. So this moon may be the push you need to uncover your own sacred gifts.

If you have been thinking of that desire, hearing that call, or feeling that pull then it is time to step forward into your new reality. It is time to reconnect to your gifts and that sense of magic that lives within all of us. So what could those gifts be? You don't have to know right now, you can just be open to them. Or maybe you already have a sense but want to explore that more deeply. Now is the time.

And of course, if you want to see what your chart has to say about it, or take the next step in understanding what those gifts might be, feel free to book a session, and we can find out together! (

To Sum It Up...

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This Pisces moon is going to be a wonderful step forward in our lives and loves. It will clue us into what has been lingering beneath the surface so we can either pursue it, as in the case of our heartfelt desires, heal it as in the case of our wounds, or acknowledge and own it, in the case of our unclaimed gifts.

I mean come on, all those witchy ancestors didn't survive Salem just so you could go around playing small! It's time to own our lives and all the authentic parts of it!

Remember... Your life is yours to create and shape, and your stars are the place to start!

Writing With the Moon

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