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3 Ways To Survive & THRIVE During Mercury RX

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

3 Tips To Live Your Best Life(Well, Sort of) During Mercury Rx

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Mercury Retrograde(Mercury RX) is a time of second chances. While they may not always present in the most subtle or smooth ways, the fact that we get to re-do some of our past mistakes, is truly a win!

Even if it doesn't always feel that way...

Here are 3 Ways to not only survive this Mercury Rx but to THRIVE during it!

What Is Mercury Rx?

Mercury Rx is when the planet of Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky/its orbit/rotation. Mercury is the planet ruler of the signs Virgo and __ and it is all about communication. Which is where a lot of the chaos of this time generally lies. Miscommunications, misreadings of situations, and communication portals like e-mails, the internet, and other technology could experience some hiccups right now. Yes, the wing-footed trickster of Mercury is a very playful energy and likes to play games and create chaos in the human world. So fun right?

But as with all games, there are rules and lessons to be learned along the way. Mercury RX is no exception so if you want to be successful during this time, do as Picasso says "Learn the rules so you can break them like an artist."

Learn The Rules of the Game

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Once you learn the reason behind the season of Mercury Rx, it's really not so scary. For example, if you know the clown(or your ex) is going to pop out around the funhouse corner so that you can demonstrate how much you've learned about implementing boundaries, that's kind of exciting!

Mercury Rx isn't here to make our lives hard(even if it feels that way) it is to help us see where we have learned the lessons of our lives and where we might need to improve a little. We don't always get things right the very first time around, so this Mercury RX is about second chances.

We are actually being given an opportunity to utilize different behavior or decisions to create a different outcome.

What a gift!

This Mercury Rx I have been sharing one of my favorite mantras for this sometimes chaotic time...

'Anything Done Twice is Done Better the Second Time.'

Keep this in mind with everything from ex-interference to computer crashes. On more than one occasion I have had to rewrite entire articles during Mercury Rx due to some unforeseen and unexpected computer glitch. But you know what? Every time I had to rewrite one, it was SO much better the second time around.

So if you find yourself in the throes of a rewrite, be it in your life, writing, or anything in between just remember this: This is your opportunity to make it better, to make the ending of the new story, one where you are the hero, and one you absolutely adore.


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The best way to ace a test is to prepare! You study for days, sharpen your favorite Number 2 pencils, get plenty of sleep the night before, and maybe even prepare a cheat sheet to help you study.

That's exactly the method we are going to apply here. Not only are you going to make sure you are getting rest and practicing your highest forms of self-care (good food, lots of sage, etc.) but you are also going to create what I call a "Cheat sheet." I make these with my clients all the time and they are SO effective.

So knowing what you now know about Mercury Rx,(Or Mercury EX) as it is sometimes referred to because of all the ex pop-ups, let's create a cheat sheet. If Mercury is about second chances, especially around communication, what are some things that might pop up for you?

Creating Your Cheat Sheet...

  • What are some patterns you see in your love life?

  • What are some of the things that you wish you could change in it?

  • If given a do-over in a relationship, or situation, what would that look like?

  • What was the first relationship or situation that popped into your head on the "do over" question? (If it's two or three that's fine too!)

  • What are 3 things you could do, say or think differently that would have created a more positive outcome in them, back then? How can you implement those now?

  • If the situation presented itself again, today, what would you do differently? What are the 3 action steps, mindset shifts, or actual words you would use?

Example: Maybe it's not responding and blocking their number, maybe it's never getting involved with them in the first place, maybe it's apologizing for a mistake you made, holding better boundaries, being calmer during disagreements, recognizing gaslighting when you see it, staying out of their relationship with their family.

It could be all sorts of things!

(And yes, not getting involved with someone or a situation at all is a perfectly valid one. In fact, it is the one that has been coming up most recently for me. One of our greatest gifts is Discernment. Walking away from things that aren't a good fit for us and walking toward the things that are. So seeing a relationship, situation, or experience just isn't for you, and choosing something more aligned, is a huge lesson, especially in the realm of relationships. So maybe it is yours too! If so, the retrograde will let you know! )

Take it One Step(Or Pattern) At a Time

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Did you ever take SAT prep classes in school? Or something similar? If so, you can use some of those same tips and tricks for this type of astrological test.

The main thing you learn for test taking is to take it one question at a time. Tests, especially of the Mercury Rx kind, can feel overwhelming. If a lot of tests, patterns,(or exes) happen to be popping up one right after the other or even at the same time, it can be overwhelming. Just remember, take it one step, or pattern, at a time.

Use a journal and keep notes of what is popping up for you, that allows you to really see the patterns as they are forming. See what the situations remind you of. Even if what is popping up is in a new relationship, does it remind you of something that happened in an old one? Why? How are they energetically similar? What can you do differently in this one, to create a more positive outcome?

Also, remember this can be a chaotic time for everyone. So if other people are a little short with you, miscommunications are abounding and the technology is tweaking out--just take it one hiccup at a time. One breath, and step at a time.

P.S. Don't forget to amp up your self-care! Sage regularly, take long, luxurious baths, listen to calming music, meditate, eat well, and get lots of sleep. Implement the same pre-test practices you did in school and watch your wisdom shine! I see an A+ in your future!

To Sum It Up...

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Remember, anything repeated is done better the second time around!

Computer crash killed your article? Get ready to write a masterpiece! Boundary bouncing ex popping up? Have them watch a pro on boundaries in action! New relationship presenting the same problem as the old one?

Watch the master at work as you navigate this problem like a champ!

Remember...You've Got This!

Writing With the Moon

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