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3 Signs You Are Ready For Your Soulmate(and 3 Signs You Aren't!)

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Feeling Lucky in Love?

It could be a sign your special someone is right around the corner! There are a few ways to tell when you are stepping into your soulmate energy and timeline and a few ways to tell you aren't quite there yet.

Yet not to fear, if you find you're just a little off I've also provided some quick fixes to get you back on track and headed straight towards your soulmate!

Check out these 3 ways to know if you are on your soulmate side, or if you have a few things to work on before seeing that person appear in your life. Either way is all good, it's just a matter of navigation. So set your sights on these soulmate signs and see where you land!

The Soulmate Vibration

Soulmate pairing is usually a process. It is an act of creating elevation and transformation in the individual and then calling in their highest energetic match. Sometimes soulmates will pair early in life in order to do that type of work together, but in this age, that's a little rarer as many of us have spent a lot of lifetimes in partnerships that did not suit or fulfill us. In this go around many of us want some time as an individual and to be sure we are paired with our best possible match.

So a lot of the current soulmate work actually revolves around individual work, then " calling in" (which basically means opening up to or aligning with) their other half, so to speak. There are a lot of theories, calculations, and misunderstandings around the soulmate energetic but the main concept is the highest possible energetic pairing of two people with the goal of spiritual and soulful elevation.

To see if you are ready for this type of pairing...Check Below!

Signs You're Ready For Your Soulmate!

1. You Feel So Magnetic

Couple Under Umbrella

Feeling magnetic is a sign that we are in high alignment with our soul's desire and purpose. It indicates a low number of blocks or limited beliefs being present(usually, of course, there are always exceptions) Maybe that means you have done a lot of inner child or shadow work, Internal Family Systems uniting of exiles, or just some good old-fashioned therapy. Whatever it is it is an indication you have cleared a lot of the things that block you from your highest desires and timeline.

It can feel like you literally just have to think about something and then boom, it pops up in your reality. Maybe you were thinking about a friend and they call, you were hoping for a job with more money and one pops up on your LinkedIn, you were wanting to go a show and suddenly you luck into free tickets, all of these things are indicators of a high level of magnetism. That is usually the state we manifest our most aligned partnerships because we are most aligned with ourselves and the universe!

Pure Magic!

2. You Feel In Your Power

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There are a lot of things about our current societal setup that can make us feel disempowered. We can be taught to have loose boundaries, to accept less than our worth, and to just take whatever shows up in our lives with a smile on our faces. Yet part of the work of this life is to discover we actually hold all the power. We are in complete control of co-creating our lives and manifestations, if we choose to step into our authority. You have discovered that(or if you haven't fully you will soon) and you are feeling like you are a master manifestor in your own life.

You have mastered the concept that you don't have to settle and you know you can ask for, create, or even demand what you want out of life and partnership. Feeling more empowered than you ever have can be a sign that your soulmate is on their way. You have discovered you don't have to settle for less and that sense of assurance and certainty is helping you align fully with your highest level of partnership.

3. You Embody Everything You Want In A Partner

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One of the best ways to call in everything on your soulmate list--Be everything on your soulmate list!

If you want someone who is emotionally available, be sure that you yourself are emotionally available. Utilizing the law of attraction is a great way to oomph your manifestation. If you are sitting at a high vibration of clear emotional capacity, you will attract others at that level too.

If you want someone who is financially stable, be sure you yourself are financially solvent. It can be physical, spiritual, or emotional, whatever level you are asking for, is what you will receive. If you are looking at your list and seeing you are matching it frequency for frequency--Congrats! You are probably well on your way to soulmate territory.

(Now that being said, sometimes we can want to bring in someone who creates balance for us, so, for example, an Aries might want to call in a more calming Libra dynamic to create energetic balance, and by nature, they will not be as calm as a Libra, this is a slight exception to the rule but it still applies. There is a fine line between calling in a balance or wanting someone to "fix" you. More on that vibe below.)

Signs You're Not Quite There...

Now if you are reading the above list and shiftily looking side to side because those aren't sounding a whole lot like you, no worries! See if the list below sounds a little bit more familiar and check out the quick fixes they come along with.

1. You Are Looping The Same Low-Level Partnerships

Man With head in hands

If you feel like all you are bringing in, is the same low-level partners of your past, then it's time to switch gears to a future timeline. Bringing in low-level partnerships may feel like a curse, but it's actually more of a blessing. It gives you valuable information about your inner work and what that needs to be. So take a look at what the revolving door pattern is. Is it people showing you a low level of value and worth? Start there.

Is it people with addictions or addictive behaviors? Maybe that's an area you too could work on. Is it people asking you to accept less, lower your worth, have no boundaries, or are they choosing others over you? These are all energetic patterns worth exploring.

Seriously getting to the root of even one of these types of things can clear it up across all areas and timelines of your life. So give it a try. Dip deep and see what might be holding you back from your highest life.

2. You Are Looking For Someone to "Fix" Your Life

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When we are down in the depths, I know how tempting it can be to reach for the quick fix of partnership. Trust me, I've lived in big cities where having a partner would have fixed all my living situation problems SO easily. Yet the problem with that is exactly that, it's a problem. It's a quick, band-aid of a solution that will actually only exacerbate the deeper issues. Perhaps those are issues of dependency, codependency, using a relationship as a buffer, crutch, or emotional band-aid. Our lives don't immediately improve with partnership, in fact, they can get a whole lot worse. Other people can bring levels of chaos into our lives we never even dreamed of if we are not careful.

The problem with looking for someone to "fix" us or our lives is that we are much more willing and likely to overlook problems, red flags, or even straight danger signs. We allow bad behavior to run rampant because we view them as the solution, even though they sometimes are the problem.

Even if the relationship isn't all that chaotic or outwardly toxic, it also can create a dynamic of a savior/damsel in distress. The relationship is built on one person "rescuing" the other and that is not a sustainable or ideal concept. It won't last, it will become overwhelming, suffocating, or even just boring and the relationship will falter or end completely.

So the best defense is to build your life exactly how you want it to look(as much as possible) and bring in someone from that space. You will be much more protective of yourself and the life you built, far less likely to ignore warning signs, and far less tolerant of bad behavior. You will also be emitting a higher frequency that naturally aligns with others in that space.

3. You Wouldn't Date You

Person Hiding

I love this one. Pretend to date yourself for a day. What habits, behaviors, lifestyle choices, etc. are of benefit to you and a partnership, and which ones would you be embarrassed for others to see? This little tactic helped me clean up my own act(literally) as I realized sometimes I left things a little too messy around the house for partners. I've also had people realize things like they watched way too much TV, drank too much wine, didn't exercise enough, dress well, etc. It's a quick hack to not only bring in partnership but also improve your life! It goes along with the Feng Shui concept of having enough space for a partner in your home. Is there space for someone in your life? Home? Are there habits you can clean up figuratively or literally? All great concepts.

It could also be things like drunk dialing your ex, letting friends walk all over you, hating your job, etc. Are those dynamics you would want to be around or allow in a partnership with someone else? Golden Rule it. If you wouldn't want it done to you, don't allow it to be done to a potential partner. Now is the time to take a look at those aspects of your life and start tidying them up. Preparing that type of space, literally or figuratively might be the one thing needed to draw in your perfect pairing.

To Sum It All Up...

Love Neon Sign

Sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming amount of work to prepare ourselves for partnership. But more often than not, clearing up one or two mindsets can shift a whole lot of things in our lives.

So don't worry if you aren't quite there yet, even calling in the concept of soulmate pairing will put you in the universe's sights. You will begin to receive assistance of all kinds and hints of the subtle or not-so-subtle variety. Trust me, this stuff works and is all for your greater good.

If you are checking off all the top boxes then--Congrats! You are well on your way and could be in line for divine partnership any day now! Yet if it still takes a little while, don't worry, divine timing is always in our best interest and there could be reasons around timing we just aren't privy to. Just keep doing you and embodying your highest self, and you will find what you are looking for.

Go Deeper...

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